Excellent news, <rank>. Owing to your field test, we have developed a fully functional Commando-class sentinel of our own. Not a moment too soon: the situation on the Lost World has reached a critical point, and we need you to take the Commando down there and destroy the enemy forces.

On to riches and Victory!

Enemy SentinelsEdit

6x Aquila

2x Slave

1x Golem

2x Drone

1x Hurricane

2x Turtle


Rifled Sniper Cannons

Plasma Spray

EMP Rockets x2

Noteable ModulesEdit

Missile Scrambler


Wave 1

3 Aquilas. Jump to the left and begin sniping all of them. Try to intercept their thrusts.

Wave 2

1 Slave and 1 Golem. Pick up the Reactive Armour module and thrust to the top of the hill where the golem spawns. Thrust to his right so that the Heavy Rocket he launched hits him. Finish with snipers. Jump down and begin sniping / plasma spraying the slave.

Wave 3

1 Slave and 2 Close-Assault Drones. Use sniper to kill the slave and the drones.

Wave 4

1 Hurricane. EMP Rocket the Hurricane to disable flight and its more dangerous Gauss Guns. Go close and plasma it to death.

Wave 5

3 Aquila. Follow wave 1 instructions.

Wave 6

2 Turtle. Plasma them to their death if you can get close. Do your best to avoid their rockets. If possible, EMP-ing them would be useful in preventing them from using Gauss Guns.


  • Components
Light Shoulder Pack
Plasma Spray
EMP Rocket
  • Modules
Missile Scrambler
  • Chasis


  • Gold star time: At Least 4:17, please amend if a greater time still obtains the star.
  • Silver star time: At Least 6:01, please amend if a greater time still obtains the star.

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