We need your help again, <rank>. Reports are coming in of a new sentinel in urban areas, swooping down and destroying our forces with barrages of rockets and accelerated kinetic weapons. We urgently need intelligence from someone who can face these new adversaries in battle.

Take the Turtle-class sentinel to the city and defeat the enemy forces there.

On to riches and victory!

Enemy SentinelsEdit

Plasma drones 2x

Aquila 8x

Hurricane 3x

Commando 1x

Slave 2x



Gauss Gun x2

Piercer Rockets x3

Heavy Rockets x2

Noteable ModulesEdit



Wave 1

4 Aquilas - should not be a problem. Sacrifice a respawn if necessary, the rest are quite easy to handle. Try to use EKWs to take them out as mortars are too slow to be effective.

Wave 2

2 Plasma Drones - should not be a problem at all.

Wave 3

1 Commando and 2 Slave - Mortar the slaves to death. Don 't let the commando get too close as its plasma spray is VERY dangerous.

Wave 4

2 Hurricanes - Should not be too hard. Fire heavy rockets to take them out quickly.

Wave 5

4 Aquila and 1 Hurricane - Try to take out the more dangerous hurricane first, then finish off the aquilas with EKWs.


  • Components
Reticulan Head
  • Weapons
   Fire Bomb Launcher


  • Gold star time: Unknown
  • Silver star time: Unknown - 3:08 - 4:17 - Unknown

(Both 3:08 and 4:17 Gain a star, therefore gold has to be maximum of 3:07)

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