< Nowhere to Run Our Darkest Hour>


The Bertha-class sentinel is not as obsolete as we thought, <rank>. Take it down to the Lost World and clear out the enemy forces.

On to riches and victory!

Enemy sentinelsEdit

2x Slave

3x Golem

1x Commando

1x Bertha

1x Crusher

1x Rocket Squad

1x Golem (Nuke)

1x Hurricane


Wave 1

1 Commando, 1 Turtle

Wave 2

2 slaves

Wave 3

1 Bertha

Wave 4

1 Hurricane , 1 Rocket Squad

Wave 5

3 Golems, 1 Golem (DEATH nuke)

Wave 6

1 Crusher


When you start off, a barrage of rockets will be hurled at you from both sides. Do not panic and make your way to the cave on your left. Kill the commando and let the repair system do it's work. All enemies will just move towards you while you are in the cave, allowing you to pelt them with the doomsday cannon and rockets/missiles. You should be able to do this without dying at all.



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