Superlative news, <rank>. We have completed work on the Hurricane-class sentinel. We haven't got time to test it: the situation in the city has become untenable. Squadrons of Hurricanes and worse are taking out all our forces.

You will be taking our prototype Hurricane-class sentinel. The probability of survival is slim, but do the best you can.

On to riches and victory, <rank>!

Enemy SentinelsEdit

1x Aquila

1x Slave

2x Golem

2x Commando

3x Turtle

5x Hurricanes

1x Valhalla


Fire-bomb Launcher

Gauss Gun x2, rail repeater x1 - all classed as "Energised Kinetic Weapons".

Piercer Rockets x6


Wave 1

1 Aquila, 1 Slave and 1 Golem. Kill the Golem first using all rockets and the rail gun (only if necessary), then kill the Slave with rail shots. Finish the Aquila with the rockets once they recharge back

Wave 2

1 Golem and 1 Turtle. If you hug the side of a building the Turtle will probably kill the Golem by itself.

Wave 3

1 Commando and 1 Turtle. If you hug the side of a building the turtle will probably kill the Commando. (Try to kill the Turtle first, then the Commando second, because it drops a Hyper Reloader, which makes piercer rockets reload almost instantly. You'll need it for the next waves.)

Wave 4

1 Commando and 1 Hurricane. Use piercer rockets if you picked up the Hyper Reloader on both.

Wave 5

4 Hurricanes. If the Hyper Reloader still has affect, use rockets. If not, pick up the Quad-damage and use rail shots. And you can pick up a Quad-damage and shoot one rocket near one and create a vortex which sucks in the hurricane and kills it. Save one for the Valhalla.

Wave 6

1 Valhalla. The Hurricanes each drop Quad-damage power-ups, so you should collect one and launch all piercer rockets at the Valhalla and finish it off with EKW. Also if you have 6 rockets and a quad-damage you can launch all 6 at the Valhalla and the damage will be equal to 6 destroctor rockets. This will kill the Valhalla.


  • Components
Turret Mounting
Rail Repeater
  • Modules
EMP Hardening
Reinforced Armour
Aeruak Stabilisers
  • Chasis
  • Achievement
Ilolian Hero

Notes Edit

  • Gold star time: 2:50
  • Silver star time: At Least 10:00, please amend if a greater time still obtains the star.
  • To defeat the Valhalla sentinel,there are two possible ways with only 1 respawn. First of all, get all the Quad Damage drops and go in full throttle,first waste your missiles on his shields, then finish it with EKW. You could also jump on a building and slowly use your firebombs to defeat him(know that you do risk facing his missiles, however his plasma cannon and rail gun can't reach you.

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