Welcome to the second training mission, <rank>.

In this mission you will be using a Slave with an extended array of piercer rockets. You will learn about weapon trajectories and automatic rocket defence.

On to victory!


For part of this mission, there will be a barrier, preventing you from moving too much. So you can't heavy gun your way through the mission.

  • Switch from your heavy gun to the piercer rockets
    • Destroy the training drone
  • Walk to the power-up
  • Destroy the two training drones
  • Move the camera to the left
    • Destroy the training drone
  • Press V to move the camera back to the sentinel
  • Destroy the four moving training drones
  • Walk to the rocket drone to learn about AMARDS (Automatic Missile And Rocket Defense System)
    • Destroy to the rocket drone.
  • Destroy all drones
    • Note: They will try to kill you once you attack, but you can't die, so don't worry about that.


You are now cleared for use with the following items:

  • Components
    • Armoured Arm
    • Piercer Rocket

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