Your training is proceeding well, <rank>.

You have completed initial training, but before you are fully cleared to use the Slave-class sentinel, you must be tested in battle.

Take the Slave to the warzone and destroy the enemy sentinels.

On to victory!

Wave One

As you have noticed, you are now in a battle where you can die. You have five extra lives in case you do die, so don't worry. Anyway the first wave has two enemies, both of them are training drones. One of them stays still while the other one moves. As long as you move and use your heavy gun you'll past this wave with little to no damage.

Wave Two

This time you'll be facing against two more enemies, but this time they are both Slave sentinels. Expect to suffer some damage, but one advantage of having a Slave sentinel is the fact they deal great damage in close quarters, so get close and use the heavy gun!

Wave Three

The Slave sentinel is back, and this time he brought some soldiers and a training drone for you to play with. Go for the Slave sentinel first, he's the biggest threat. Then you can for either the training drone or the soldiers, they are both weak, and will die when you blast them with the heavy gun.

Wave Four

Alright, you made it to the final wave. And it's only one enemy, piece of cake right? Depends, you will be facing an Aquila sentinel. He has less health then your Slave, but he is much faster then you and has a shield that'll absorb damage. Get in close and fire your heavy gun at him to complete the wave and the mission


You are now cleared for use with the following items:

  • Components
    • Heavy Mounting
    • Minigun
  • Modules
    • AMARDS

You can now use the Slave sentinel, The first one in your collection.

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