Good news, <rank>. Thanks to your work with the new sentinel model, our engineering on the Turtle is complete. Take it down to the Lost World and try it out. Once the Turtle has passed this final field test, we will begin mass production.

On to riches and victory!

Enemy sentinelsEdit

2x Flying Drones

1x Aquila

3x Close-Assault Drones

2x Golem

2x Slave

1x Rocket Squad

1x Turtle


Artillery (Mortars)

Energized Kinetic Weapons (Gauss Cannons)

Piercer Rockets x3

Heavy Rockets x2

Noteable ModulesEdit



Wave 1

2 Flying Drones and 1 Aquila. Quickly kill the flying drones with your Gauss gun before they go out of range, then finish off Aquilla with Gauss guns. If the drones do get out of range, constantly fire mortar in a single location until the drones fly into your shot.

Wave 2

1 Golem and 1 Slave. When the Slave is not near, use piercer rockets on Golem. If needed, use gauss gun on Golem. Use mortat on Slave as it has too much health for Gauss guns. If needed, use Gauss guns to finish Slave off.

Wave 3

1 Slave, 1 Golem and 1 Rocket Squad. Follow instructions above, use mortar for Rocket Squad.

Wave 4

1 Turtle. Use all rockets, including heavy rockets. Finish off with mortar from far. If turtle gets close, use Gauss guns.


  • Components
Gauss Gun
  • Modules
Reactive Armour
  • Chasis


  • Gold star time: At Least 3:23, please amend if a greater time still obtains the star.
  • Silver star time: At Least 5:04, please amend if a greater time still obtains the star.
  • Do not attempt to get power-ups unless they are at least 1/6th of the map near you. If further, they are near impossible to get while fighting enemies.

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