City missions are optional missions that are useful for gaining extra resources, improving your soldiers' statistics and for getting a higher score. The downside to them is your soldiers can still die in them. City missions never have aliens among the enemies, and don't give research points for completion.

Mission Brief Edit

Your team has been dropped off into a ruined city in search of survivors. You must remove all violent threats in the area so that the search can begin. Completing this mission will give us access to more supplies to help in the manufacturing of more equipment.
  • Defeat all hostiles in the area
  • Clear the area

Notes Edit

  • Every time you play a city mission, there will be 1 extra enemy.
  • The map in this mission is randomly generated, so it will be different every time you play a city mission.
  • All buildings at the edge of the map do not have any enemies.
  • A city mission will give you 1 building point, so it is use for weapons and points.
  • On hallowe'en, the map changes. Instead, you start in the middle and instead of gangs, there will be ever increasingly strong zombies, and is alot harder than normal city missions. A achievement is gained for completing the mission, though.

Walkthrough Edit

Place your soldiers at the side of the map in 2, 3 or 4 separate groups (depending on how many soldiers you use), preferably directly behind shelter.

Use the first few turns to check if there are any enemies that are automatically approaching you. Kill them until no more will come. If you have killed all the enemies, the mission will end automatically. Usually after the first "wave" in the later Acts there will be a "second wave" behind them, often as black shadows behind walls. If not, approach the buildings with stairs carefully and kill the remaining enemies on the upper level of these buildings. Once all the enemies are killed, the mission will end automatically.

Note: Guys with Rocket Launchers and LMG's get first priority. These guys can KO you fast if your too close even with good armor. For some reason, they try to use their Rocket Launchers through walls and kill themselves. Ironically the city missions tend to get easier as you do them because you learn the AI's tricks and you get better armor and health. Fusion weapons are recommended on Normal and Hard, but any accuarate weapon will do. DO NOT use pulse guns. They have horrid accuaracy, and won't do enough damage from a distance. However, pulse carbines work fine since they have better accuracy than pulse pistols and pulse guns. Try not to use grenades, Laser Cannons or anything explosive.

ACT 1 - Reconstruction
1: Apocalypse 2: Support 3: Secure
ACT 2 - Invasion
1A: Recover 1B: Recover 2: City Mission (x4)
2: UFO - Transporter 3A: Defence 3B: Defence
4: City Mission (x2) 4: UFO - Invader 5: Invasion
ACT 3 - Retaliation
1: City Mission (x2) 1A: UFO - Dominator 1B: Base of Operations
2A: Siege 2B: Siege 3: City Mission (x2)
3A: Base of Operations 3B: UFO - Dominator
ACT 4 - Domination
1: Warhead 2: Infiltration 3: Domination

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