Mission Briefing Edit

To take decisive action on the aliens' mother ship we have acquired a nuclear warhead found within a derelict missile base.
However, the aliens have spotted our transport and we have reports that the base has been surrounded by alien troops.
Your mission is to get the warhead out of the compound, away from the aliens' guns so we can load it on the helicopter and proceed with the next phase of our plan.
  • Evac all soldiers to the edge of the zone
  • Do not lose control of the warhead

Walkthrough Edit

For completion without aiming for score, place your soldiers to the south as much as possible. Turn sprint mode on for all soldiers and run to the flashing destination area.

This mission can be used to get the "Soldier's soldier", "Grenadier", "Demolitions" and "Secret Agent" achievements by not shooting. If the aliens fire on your troops and manages to knock one unconscious the soldier might not continue to Act 4- Mission 2. As a precaution, you should probably not save your game if this occurs.

However, if you want more points for your overall score, place your soldiers inside the room in the middle close to the doors. Make sure your soldiers have grenades (especially in hard mode). For every turn, have 1 soldier to go outside to check if there are any aliens standing out there. If there isn't, return to your normal positions and end the turn. If there is, you can kill it, return to your normal positions and end the turn. If there is a full bundle of aliens, use your grenades, return to your normal positions and end the turn. The mission will end automatically once you kill all the aliens.

If for any reason the small piece of wall between the door breaks down or the doors themselves get destroyed. Hide in the corners of the room and continue with the same strategy.

If all of your solders have high run (85+) then just make a mad dash to the evac area.

ACT 1 - Reconstruction
1: Apocalypse 2: Support 3: Secure
ACT 2 - Invasion
1A: Recover 1B: Recover 2: City Mission (x4)
2: UFO - Transporter 3A: Defence 3B: Defence
4: City Mission (x2) 4: UFO - Invader 5: Invasion
ACT 3 - Retaliation
1: City Mission (x2) 1A: UFO - Dominator 1B: Base of Operations
2A: Siege 2B: Siege 3: City Mission (x2)
3A: Base of Operations 3B: UFO - Dominator
ACT 4 - Domination
1: Warhead 2: Infiltration 3: Domination

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