Please choose carefully when deciding 1A or 1B: the choice will change 2 missions in the storyline. Mission 1A - Airbase is preferred because it is easier to defend in Act III's Siege mission.

Mission Briefing Edit

Now that we know the true situation it is time to change pace. An airbase has been located that still contains a couple of operational fighter craft that we could still use to attack the aliens' craft.
Your squad will be deployed near this air base to remove the threat of the hostile gangs that plague the area.
Our reconnaissance has spotted that the gang has a strong presence here and have managed to secure some RPGs. They also have snipers within the control tower so be on your guard.
  • Select your deploy points
  • Remove the hostile threat
  • Keep your squad alive

Walkthrough Edit

Note that if you select this mission, you will not be able to play Act 2 Mission 1B. Land all your soldiers on the east side. On the 1st turn, make a mad dash to the tower. If you manage to get all soldiers in above the 2nd floor, the enemy will stop due to them running out of time (and so must end the turn) and will not enter up much unless a soldier is seen on the top. Wait four turns and go down the steps to kill enemies. Repeat until all enemies are wiped except for the Aliens.

There is a weird looking room in the Air base, this is the UFO with 1 or 2 aliens (depending on the difficulty). If possible, try to shoot the alien from outside of the UFO, as their pulse weapons are ineffective for long distances.

ACT 1 - Reconstruction
1: Apocalypse 2: Support 3: Secure
ACT 2 - Invasion
1A: Recover 1B: Recover 2: City Mission (x4)
2: UFO - Transporter 3A: Defence 3B: Defence
4: City Mission (x2) 4: UFO - Invader 5: Invasion
ACT 3 - Retaliation
1: City Mission (x2) 1A: UFO - Dominator 1B: Base of Operations
2A: Siege 2B: Siege 3: City Mission (x2)
3A: Base of Operations 3B: UFO - Dominator
ACT 4 - Domination
1: Warhead 2: Infiltration 3: Domination

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