1 Tutorial 16 Snorkel
2 Beginning 17 Pin
3 Conveyor 18 Fifteen
4 Salchow 19 Backlog
5 Snail 20 Chamber
6 Halibut 21 Trap
7 Rink 22 Circuit
8 Tulip 23 Flotsam
9 Cornered 24 Loopy
10 Orbital 25 Rooms
11 Carousel 26 Jagged
12 Pyramid 27 Amaze
13 Fours 28 Deadline
14 Clover 29 Pincers
15 Narrow 30 Switch
31 Mate

Trap Labelled

Beginning requires timing!

  • Stop piece 1 in position A, move it left three to position B and move it down one.
  • Move piece 2 down one, left three, up six, right one (the conveyor belt will do this automatically), down three, and right four.
  • Move piece 3 down one.
  • Move piece 4 down three.
  • Move piece 5 right two, up two, right two, up five, right one, down three, right three, up one and right two.
  • Move piece 6 up two, right two, down two, right three, up one and right one.
  • Move piece 7 right three, up ten, right one, down three, right three, down three, right one and up two.
  • Move piece 8 left one, up seven, right one, down three, right three and up one.
  • Move piece 9 down four, right four, up five, right one, down three and right three.
  • Finally move piece 1 right four and down one.

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