Fastest Gun in the West
Fastest Gun in the West-large
Description Complete a level with 2:30 remaining
Game Thirty-Six Card Trick
Members? No Seasonal? No
Hidden? No Secret? No
Orb Points Orbpoints 500 Orb Coins 5 Orb Coins 5

Stratagy Edit

Before you start:

  • Have a paper and writing utensil with you.
  • Create a 6x6 table, and create a shorthand system for each image. (Example: "O" for the orange-haired kid, "B" for the brown-haired kid")
  • Start the game; you should be at level 1.

During the game:

  1. Reveal the first row of cards and immediately pause the game (by pressing "ESC"). Write down whatever that has been revealed to you.
  1. Reveal one card, and then pause the game. Check if there is a matching card you have already revealed.
  2. Reveal two cards at a time, matching whatever you have revealed.

It is important to follow this method when trying to earn this achievement. Any other strategies will hamper your precious time. Be sure to reveal the correct number of cards per step!

Luck also plays an important factor. Even with this strategy, you will need a few 'blind' matches in order to complete the game in less than 2:30.

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