Description Kill 2500 skeletons
Game Tomb Racer
Members? No Seasonal? No
Hidden? No Secret? No
Orb Points Orbpoints 100 Orb Coins Icon orbcoins 1

To be able to get this achievement you'll need to kill 2500 skeletons in multiplayer games, as the skeletons killed in single player games do not count towards this achievement. Restarting a room counts toward this achievement, therefore some very very fast strategies can be employed.

The fastest is where you get into an unrated game with a friend and you just complete tombs as fast as possible until you get the room with 3 walls that move inward when you step onto the middle. Both players should stop in that room and not go on. You will keep restarting this room until you have the achievement.

The way to kill the most skeletons the fastest in this room is to go up to the middle pair of coins and grab them, avoiding the center trigger. Then run through the trigger and get the coins that are closest to where you started before going on the opposite side of the wall where the skeletons now are. If you did it right, every single skeleton should be trapped behind one wall that is moving towards them, meaning that all but three will die very quickly.

Note: It is not necessary to actually get the coins (they don't contribute to achievements like Axis Gold! anyway), you just need to move to that general area.

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