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Difficulty Blocks Vertigo Gold Vertigo Silver Vertigo Bronze
Easy 17 00:06 00:09 00:12

This is the first level where you will see metal blocks. You may learn more about such items via the Vertigo 2 main page.


Letter Description Letter Description
B Tile starts out blue C Purple tile with a purple paint pot on top
P Tile starts out purple Blue tile with a blue paint pot on top
M Tile starts out metal O Metal tile with a coin on top
F Tile starts out fan J Metal tile with jetpack on top
G Tile starts out glue


Vertigo 02 Standard

Time TrialsEdit

Vertigo 02 Time Trials



  1. Go right then left.
  2. Drop down and paint the 2 blue tiles on the bottom level.
  3. Jump up to the set of 3 blue tiles and paint two of them.
  4. Jump up again, grab the paint pot and then paint the tile beside you.
  5. Paint the remaining tile.

Time TrialsEdit

Note: The walkthough guarantees a gold metal.

  1. Move left then right.
  • This will skip the level preview, grab the paint and then paint the tile beside you.
  1. Jump up to the top floor.
  • You should have painted the only tile.
  1. Fall down to the platform shortly below in the lower right hand corner of the screen.
  2. Paint the 3 tiles of this floor.
  3. Jump up to where you previously were and pick up the paint pot.
  4. Fall down to the lowest floor and paint the remaining tiles as fast as possible.

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