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  1. Get purple paint and dynamite then jump up and then into a portal.
  2. Use paint then get the next pot.
  3. Jump down to the teleporter, make sure you have at least 1 measure of purple paint left.
  4. Repeat for the other 3 portals.
  5. Stand on a square in between the two blue buckets and go as close to the middle as you can, it should look as though you're not even touching it.
  6. Detonate the dynamite, if done correctly you will destroy all the blue paint buckets.
  7. Paint the rest of the squares on the very bottom level.

Well done, you've completed the level

Time TrialsEdit

  1. There is currently no walkthrough. You can add one now.

Well done, you've completed the level


Letter Description Letter Description
B Tile starts out blue C Purple tile with a purple paint pot on top
P Tile starts out purple Blue tile with a blue paint pot on top
M Tile starts out metal O Metal tile with a coin on top
F Tile starts out fan J Metal tile with jetpack on top
G Tile starts out glue



First FloorEdit


Second FloorEdit


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