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Difficulty Blocks Vertigo Gold Vertigo Silver Vertigo Bronze
Hard 70 02:40 03:20 04:00

This level is very hard for beginners, and can be difficult to receive a Gold Medal in.



1. Jump up until you are below a floor with sticky blocks, making sure to avoid all blue paint cans 2. Jump up while holding "Down" and "Right", avoiding the blue paint can and landing on the "Down" side of the floor 3. Immediately move to the normal tile under the one tile on the floor above and jump

  • If, at this point, you have blue paint in your bucket, restart

4. Jump up to the next level, collect all the dynamite, break all the broken floors, and collect a purple paint can 5. Paint the rest of the level as you normally would, making sure to never have more paint in your can than paintable blue tiles whilst there are still blue cans around, and the same for blue paint. If this happens you will not be able to collect any more paint

  • Use the dynamite in these places:
  • On the pusher block
  • Other blue cans, it does not matter which ones. Make sure to not blow up any purple paint cans in the process
  • Purple paint cans will be moving all about

Well done, you've completed the level

Time TrialsEdit

  1. Follow the same procedure as the Standard Walkthrough, but go faster and try not to move around too much while using up paint. Practicing on Standard Mode helps.

Well done, you've completed the level

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