In Through the Back Door
In Through the Back Door-large
Description "Doris should really stop placing powerups in the oven."
Game Zombie Dawn
Members? Yes Seasonal? No
Hidden? No Secret? Yes
Orb Points Orbpoints 200 Orb Coins 2 Orb Coins 2

On UK Level 2-6 (The Farm), there is a Shockwave power-up to the right end of the stage. You will need to grab that power-up and detonate it on the top edge of the building directly below it. There is a door there that cannot be seen, and once blasted open, you can follow the grounded path into the building. Once inside, you will get the achievement and a replacement Shockwave powerup.

In this image the zombies are emerging from the door after collecting the replacement powerup: In Through the Back Door guide

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