They're Hiding Under the Stairs
They're Hiding Under the Stairs-large
Description "Miss Potter thought she would be safe in there."
Game Zombie Dawn
Members? Yes Seasonal? No
Hidden? No Secret? Yes
Orb Points Orbpoints 200 Orb Coins 2 Orb Coins 2

Open the door near a small staircase and a single policeman on the left side of Palace Level 4: Royal Ballroom to find a curse powerup inside. You have to grab the detonate powerup on the right side of the level to be able to open it up. If you feel you don't have sufficient zombies or powerups to deal with a certain Grenadier, the Curse powerup here can save your life.

The description is a reference to the book Harry Potter because of the name. Harry Potter's bedroom was also under the stairs.

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