ZD S3 L4
  1. Have one of your Zombies collect the Shriek power-up and optionally the meltdown powerup.
  2. Make that Zombie stand in between the Police Officer in the lower right corner and the detective at the top. This is somewhat difficult, as it won't stun both unless your Zombie is in the right spot. It is advised to use the lunch tables in the middle as cover, and stand towards the bottom of those. A stratagey, yet risky, is to move the police officer. This can be accomplished by moving the zombie closest to the police officer down to the wall and moving towards the group. When the police officer hugs the table, you can stun both the police officer and the detective with the Shriek power-up.
  3. Move another one of your Zombies to a safe spot as close to the police officer as possible without getting shot.
  4. Move your third and final (unless you managed to assimilate other humans) Zombie as close to the detective as possible without getting shot. Use the Shriek power-up on the Zombie in the middle.
  5. As soon as the shriek effect starts, rush in and assimilate the Detective with one Zombie and the Police officer with another.
  6. Capture as many other humans as possible before it runs out. If you can, it's faster to get the men with clubs when they're stunned. It'll help you get a few more points towards the end.
  7. When the time runs out, you can use them meltdown power-up on a zombie to turn them into goo that makes humans walk slowly through it. It doesn't affect Zombies, so it's a great way to beat the level quickly.
  8. Corner the remaining Humans, and assimilate them all.

thumb|500px|left From lilepdude

ZD DC Icon Washington D.C. Levels
The Mall
1 Introduction 2 Lower Mall 3 Sports Store 4 Supermarket 5 Upper Mall 6 The Cinema 7 Bonus Level
Power Plant
1 Power Plant 2 Main Reactor 3 Nuclear Waste Zone 4 Lower Offices 5 Backup Generator 6 Laboratory 7 Bonus Level
Police Precinct
1 Police Precinct 2 Archives 3 Holding Cells 4 Cafeteria 5 Fifth Floor 6 Jailbreak 7 Bonus Level
White House
1 The White House 2 Press Conference 3 Ballroom 4 Rose Garden 5 Situation Room 6 The West Wing 7 The End

ZD London Icon London Levels
Terminal 5
1 Touchdown 2 Baggage Claim 3 Ground Crew 4 Immigration 5 Duty Free Mauling 6 Arrivals 7 Bonus Level
1 Into the Woods 2 Scout Camp 3 Riverside 4 Hunting Ground 5 Cornfields 6 The Farm 7 Bonus Level
The Labs
1 Lab Entrance 2 Lab Offices 3 Databanks 4 Test Chamber 5 Containment Cells 6 Security Control 7 Bonus Level
The Palace
1 Main Gate 2 Hallways 3 Panic Room 4 Royal Ballroom 5 Servant Quarters 6 Throne Room 7 The End

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