Get the Speed powerup and use it on a zombie. That's the easy part. The hard part is hard because speed is of the essence. Why? Well, the scientist to the right of the barrels will run right when he sees your zombies, and the keycard doors are opened, releasing other strains of zombies.

Ignoring the policeman, have your zombies head to that location as quickly as possible, using your speedy zombie to get the Miasma powerup in the bottom right. Try not to lose too many zombies to the laser gates. You should have two Miasma powerups and a few humans captured (except on Hard, where you only have one Miasma.) Cross another set of lasers, trying not to lose either zombies or humans to the alien, and place a Miasma in front of the enemy zombies.

Hopefully, you'll have trapped enough humans to finish the level. If not, try and get your zombies back across the lasers to get the policeman if you only need one human.

ZD DC Icon Washington D.C. Levels
The Mall
1 Introduction 2 Lower Mall 3 Sports Store 4 Supermarket 5 Upper Mall 6 The Cinema 7 Bonus Level
Power Plant
1 Power Plant 2 Main Reactor 3 Nuclear Waste Zone 4 Lower Offices 5 Backup Generator 6 Laboratory 7 Bonus Level
Police Precinct
1 Police Precinct 2 Archives 3 Holding Cells 4 Cafeteria 5 Fifth Floor 6 Jailbreak 7 Bonus Level
White House
1 The White House 2 Press Conference 3 Ballroom 4 Rose Garden 5 Situation Room 6 The West Wing 7 The End

ZD London Icon London Levels
Terminal 5
1 Touchdown 2 Baggage Claim 3 Ground Crew 4 Immigration 5 Duty Free Mauling 6 Arrivals 7 Bonus Level
1 Into the Woods 2 Scout Camp 3 Riverside 4 Hunting Ground 5 Cornfields 6 The Farm 7 Bonus Level
The Labs
1 Lab Entrance 2 Lab Offices 3 Databanks 4 Test Chamber 5 Containment Cells 6 Security Control 7 Bonus Level
The Palace
1 Main Gate 2 Hallways 3 Panic Room 4 Royal Ballroom 5 Servant Quarters 6 Throne Room 7 The End

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