1. Use the curse powerup on someone near the speed powerup in the top right room.
  2. Collect the speed powerup with the cursed zombie and use it on him.
  3. Send him into the small room directly below and assimilate as many as you can.
  4. Send your zombies up to assimilate the bat man.
  5. Go down the corridor with the 4 blue card holders and chase them along until you get to a blue door.
  6. Block off all the exits and assimilate the humans, then collect the curse powerup.
  7. Send your horde north and assimilate more humans AVOIDING THE GRENADIERS!!!!!!!!!
  8. Curse the left grenadier.
  9. Send a zombie up to the throne USING IT AS A BLOCK so the grenadier can't see you.
  10. Send another zombie up behind it the same way.
  11. With one of your zombies behind the throne use screech.
  12. Assimilate the remaining grenadier with the other zombie.

thumb|300px|left from Aaarto

ZD DC Icon Washington D.C. Levels
The Mall
1 Introduction 2 Lower Mall 3 Sports Store 4 Supermarket 5 Upper Mall 6 The Cinema 7 Bonus Level
Power Plant
1 Power Plant 2 Main Reactor 3 Nuclear Waste Zone 4 Lower Offices 5 Backup Generator 6 Laboratory 7 Bonus Level
Police Precinct
1 Police Precinct 2 Archives 3 Holding Cells 4 Cafeteria 5 Fifth Floor 6 Jailbreak 7 Bonus Level
White House
1 The White House 2 Press Conference 3 Ballroom 4 Rose Garden 5 Situation Room 6 The West Wing 7 The End

ZD London Icon London Levels
Terminal 5
1 Touchdown 2 Baggage Claim 3 Ground Crew 4 Immigration 5 Duty Free Mauling 6 Arrivals 7 Bonus Level
1 Into the Woods 2 Scout Camp 3 Riverside 4 Hunting Ground 5 Cornfields 6 The Farm 7 Bonus Level
The Labs
1 Lab Entrance 2 Lab Offices 3 Databanks 4 Test Chamber 5 Containment Cells 6 Security Control 7 Bonus Level
The Palace
1 Main Gate 2 Hallways 3 Panic Room 4 Royal Ballroom 5 Servant Quarters 6 Throne Room 7 The End

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