Zombie Dawn Multiplayer
Zombie Dawn Multiplayer
Genre Strategy
Release 5 November 2008
Multi-player Yes

Zombie Dawn Multiplayer: Fight of the Living Dead is a sequel to the previous Jagex game, Zombie Dawn. It takes place after the events of that game. It was released shortly after Halloween 2008.


In the events of Zombie Dawn, the Overlord (you) managed to zombify and take over most of the world. The problem now is that there aren't many humans left to munch on, so the zombies have started to fight among themselves over this increasingly rare resource.

In Zombie Dawn Multiplayer: Fight of the Living Dead, it's up to you to lead your horde of undead against other overlords in a real-time strategic race to capture and/or zombify as many of the remaining humans as possible. Doing so will earn you Research Points, with which you'll discover some awesome new power-ups, traits and modifiers. Using these, you'll be able to mould your rotting mob to fit your style of play, and better fend off those lesser overlords.


Any zombies (including your opponent's) give 4 points when they enter your portal. Having Zombie-lover trait increases it to 6 points per zombie. Humans are worth 10 points without and 15 points with Human-lover trait. Zombifying humans is worth 1 or 2 points. Every player also receives 1 extra point at the end of each round.

The Laboratory

The laboratory screen shows the progress of each research project, and allows the player to select which abilities to take into a match. There are 3 distinct research trees, Zombie, Overlord and Planetary. Some of these abilities are taken straight from Zombie Dawn.

Zombie Research Tree

Icon Name Research level Required Research Points Ability type Research needed Hint Description
ZDMP Disguise Disguise 1 61 Powerup N/A N/A Disguise one of your zombies as a harmless human.
ZDMP Speed Speed 1 53 Powerup N/A N/A Use on one of your zombies to make it travel faster than its stench.
ZDMP Hungry Hungry 1 43 Trait N/A N/A Make your zombies hunger for human flesh. They will lunge faster and from further away.
ZDMP Focused Focused 2 151 Trait Disguise Bothered by fidgety zombies? Your zombies won't wander about if you train them to focus.
ZDMP Annoying Annoying 2 131 Modifier Speed Meddle with their affairs... Powerups with this modifier can be used on humans or enemy zombies, but can only be applied to a few - experiment with it...
ZDMP Famished Famished 2 113 Trait Hungry And you thought your zombies were hungry before. Starve your zombies before unleashing them on humans! They'll lunge even faster and from further away than with Hungry.
ZDMP Resilient Resilient 3 593 Trait Focused and Annoying Do not yield to their technical powers! Your zombies will resist 40% of all powerups... Even if they're yours!
ZDMP Determined Determined 3 647 Trait Famished You know what you want, they should too. You know what you want, so should your zombies. This will hurry them up, making them move faster.
ZDMP Fear Fear 3 467 Powerup Annoying and Famished Cloak your zombies in pure fear. Cloak your zombies in pure fear; humans will run from them above all else, falling into your clutches.
ZDMP Fast Fast 4 2003 Trait Resilient and Determined Get them! GET THEM! Your hordes will move fast as lightning... Especially if you also equip Determined.
Screech ZDMP Screech 4 2039 Powerup Resilient and Fear Make your creations sing, and the mortals will cower in fear... Your zombie will screech like the devil, making humans tremble in fear and unable to move!
Mobile ZDMP Mobile 4 2017 Modifier Determined and Fear For the zombie on the go. Powerups with this modifier will not immobilise your zombies. Try it on Screech for some on-the-go karaoke.
Sceptic ZDMP Sceptic 5 7499 Trait Fast and Mobile Refuse to believe. The truth is in here. Your zombies will not be affected by powerups, but you'll not be able to use any except Counter.

Overlord Research Tree

Icon Name Research level Required Research Points Ability type Research needed Hint Description
ZDMP Nimble Fingers Nimble Fingers 1 67 Trait N/A N/A Your power-ups will recharge faster.
ZDMP Meltdown Meltdown 1 59 Powerup N/A N/A Melt a zombie into a puddle of goo that will slow down humans. Makes humans a lot easier to catch.
ZDMP Expert Expert 1 29 Trait N/A N/A Your power-ups will last longer if you have this trait equipped.
ZDMP Quick Thinker Quick Thinker 2 149 Trait Nimble Fingers This will clear your mind and help you think faster. Recharge your powerups even faster than with Nimble Fingers! Equip both for the maximum recharge rate.
ZDMP Detonate Detonate 2 127 Powerup Meltdown This will be an explosive surprise to your enemies. Detonate a zombie to stun anything close to it.
ZDMP Phantom Phantom 2 137 Powerup Expert Confuse clueless humans with smoke and mirrors... Create an illusion of a zombie that will scare the foolish humans.
ZDMP Tech Master Tech Master 2 167 Trait Expert Mastery of technology is not far away. This trait will make your powerups last even longer than Expert. Equip both for an extra bonus!
ZDMP Imposed Imposed 3 569 Modifier Quick Thinker Impose your will upon enemy zombies. Powerups with this modifier can be used on enemy zombies, but can only be applied to a few - experiment with it...
ZDMP Curse Curse 3 631 Powerup Quick Thinker and Phantom They may be nowhere near your zombies, but you'll still be able to reach them... Use this on a clueless human for instant zombification! The victim will become one of your zombies.
ZDMP Shackles Shackles 3 449 Powerup Detonate and Tech Master Bring the guilt of their past deeds upon them... Make humans or enemy zombies heavy with their burdens, slowing them down. Then, move in for the kill! Note: This will only affect enemy zombies if you also use the Annoying modifier.
ZDMP Charm Charm 3 547 Powerup Phantom and Tech Master Beguile them.. The carrot may work better than the stick. Make one of your zombies quite appealing, charming humans into following it... to their doom!
Counter ZDMP Counter 4 1997 Powerup Imposed and Curse Foil their plans. Use this on a zombie or area to disrupt an ongoing effect. Thwart your enemies' evil plans!
Deadly ZDMP Deadly 4 2027 Modifier Curse and Shackles Enough playing around. Powerups with this modifier will kill ANYTHING! Try it on Fireball for a show.
Hostile ZDMP Hostile 4 2011 Modifier Imposed and Charm Aggressive zombies get the brains. Powerups with this modifier will work even on enemy zombies.
ZDMP Teleport Teleport 5 7507 Powerup Deadly and Hostile Whisk your zombies across time and space. Well, maybe not time. Use this with a zombie and it will instantly teleport to its destination, when you next order it to move.

Planetary Research Tree

Icon Name Research level Required Research Points Ability type Research needed Hint Description
ZDMP Zombie Lover Zombie-lover 1 73 Trait N/A N/A Zombies are your thing if you have this trait equipped. You'll gain more Research Points from any zombies that return through your portal.
ZDMP Hammer Hammer 1 83 Powerup N/A N/A Stun a human or an enemy zombie.
ZDMP Human Lover Human-lover 2 139 Trait Zombie-lover You could learn more about humans. Your science will advance more from any humans you capture alive.
ZDMP Miasma Miasma 2 163 Powerup Hammer Block their path. A cloud of corrosive acid that will stop living and dead alike.
ZDMP Prepared Prepared 2 173 Trait Zombie-lover Come ready for battle. Get extra bang for your buck - or, in this case, extra zombie for your brain - with more zombies at the start of each match.
ZDMP Field Marshal Field Marshal 2 157 Trait Hammer Learn to organise them. This will help you organise your horde. Use CTRL + '1', '2' or '3' to set unit groups, then press '1', '2' or '3' to quickly select each group.
ZDMP Haze Haze 3 491 Powerup Human-lover and Miasma Confuse their senses. Release a mist that makes it harder for your opponents to see.
ZDMP Breach Breach 3 509 Powerup Miasma and Prepared Open new ways to victory. Open new routes for your zombies to attack from.
ZDMP Ready Ready 3 523 Trait Prepared and Field Marshal Two zombies lurch better than one. Draws even more zombies to you at the start of each match than Prepared. Equip both for the maximum number of minions.
ZDMP Lethal Lethal 3 607 Modifier Field Marshal Stunning is not enough. Powerups with this modifier will kill enemy zombies. Try it on Detonate for a good laugh.
ZDMP Realistic Realistic 4 2005 Modifier Haze Fool the fools! Powerups with this modifier will fool even enemy overlords.
ZDMP Quake Quake 4 2029 Powerup Haze and Lethal Make them tremble and shake. Make the map shake with your power. You won't be as affected as your enemies will be.
ZDMP Wise Wise 4 1993 Trait Breach and Ready Enhance your technological skills. Get yourself another powerup slot with this trait.
ZDMP Fireball Fireball 4 1987 Powerup Ready and Lethal Blow them to smithereens. Blast humans and zombies, stunning them! If only you could make it 'deadly'...
ZDMP Sage Sage 5 7489 Trait Wise and Quake For those who know it all. Extra knowledge is extra power. Get yourself another powerup slot with this trait.


Total Achievements: 17
Total Orb Coins: 62
Total Orb Points: 6200
[Secret Achievements] | [Hidden Achievements] [Halloween Achievements]

Image Name Requirement Orb Points Orb Coins Members? Sorter
Bare Limbs Bare Limbs

Win without equipping any powerups, having a Rating of at least 2000.

500 5 No AF
Battle Master Battle Master

Win 50 Rated games.

300 3 No AC
Zombie Dawn Multiplayer Conqueror Conqueror

Win 100 Rated games.

500 5 No AD
Gene Therapy Gene Therapy

Master the entire Zombie research tree.

500 5 No AH
Gotcha! Gotcha!

Have an enemy overlord target one of your phantoms with a powerup

300 3 No AL
Human-Lover Human-Lover

Win a game having captured more humans than zombies (at least 10)

500 5 No AG
Zombie Dawn Multiplayer Lord of the Castle Lord of the Castle

Master the entire Planetary research tree.

500 5 No AJ
Magic Fingers Magic Fingers

Master the entire Overlord research tree.

500 5 No AI
Mutant Strain Mutant Strain

Spread the zombie virus by defeating someone who has this Achievement, while having a Rating of at least 1337

100 1 No AN
My Precious... My Precious...

Curse back a cursed zombie

200 2 No AK
Neophyte Neophyte

Win 10 Rated games.

200 2 No AB
Pumpkin Studies Pumpkin Studies

Win a game having captured a live pumpkin-head

300 3 No AQ
Pupil Pupil

Win a Rated game

100 1 No AA
Single-Minded Single-Minded

Win a game using only one kind of powerup, having a Rating of at least 1500

200 2 No AE
Sire of the Realm Sire of the Realm

Win a four-player match, having a Rating of at least 2000.

500 5 No AP
Skin and Bones Skin and Bones

Win a game with no traits equipped, having a Rating of at least 2500.

500 5 No AM
Unattached Unattached

Lose 30 of your zombies, but still win

500 5 No AO
All information for these achievements is stored on their respective pages, along with walkthroughs and tips for many of them. So, if you notice a mistake, or have a good strategy, go there!

Did you notice a missing achievement? You can help the FunOrb Wiki by making a page for it. Simply type the achievement name in this box to make a page for it.


ZDMP Cursor
Glitching Zombie

A glitch of a zombie getting stuck in a wall.

  • This game was the second game on FunOrb to change your cursor (Dungeon Assault being the first). This cursor was later removed from the game because it caused people to notice that they had a low frame rate.
  • This game was visible in Achievements Online half an hour before its release. When it was posted on main page, it still couldn't be played - clicking on "Play!" resulted in error 404.
  • The Mutant Strain achievement was secret on Achievements Online, but hidden in-game. It requires a rating of 1337 because 1337 is Leetspeak for leet.
  • On page 4 of the instructions it indicates how the top bar works, showing the number of zombies and points earned. A picture is shown next to it with a player's name 'Shaun'. This may be a reference to a Zombie Horror film, Shaun of the Dead.
  • The title "Fight of the Living Dead" is most probably a reference to the horror film Night of the Living Dead.
  • There is a glitch when using a Speed powerup, a zombie can go through a wall and then end up stuck in it.
  • The description of the power-up phantom is the same as the part in the song GoldenEye.
  • Originally, this game was completely members only. However, on 25th June 2009, the game became completely open to free players, including achievements. Albeit, FunOrb's achievement page still displays them as members only.
  • The achievement "My Precious..." is likely a reference to Gollum from the "The Lord of the Ring" series.
  • The most common setup is; Fast, Determined and Famished with 3 Speed Powerups, this is referred to as "Speed Stacking"
  • The 2nd server is commonly used as a role playing server
  • The achievement "Single-Minded", could be a joke as the zombies are single minded and only follow your orders.

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